Infrared Blockwall Scans

.04 cents / sq ft up to 50,000 sq ft.

Commercial block wall construct may have requirements for the cores to be concrete filled to a specified height or specific number of cores per linear foot. Dallas Infrared Blockwall scans is an easy way to determine if these important engineering requirements are met.

Commercial Infrared Roof Scan

Please call for bids on services for a one time scan and/or quarterly monitoring.

Large commercial building such as ware houses, may have very large roofs. Locating roof leaks can be very difficult when you are talking acres of roof surface. Our Dallas Infrared Roof Scans use the properties of the water trapped in the wet insulation to ease the location of problem areas. Thermograms are very useful images when you can detect down to 1/10 of a degree temperature difference.

Commercial Infrared Mechanical and Electrical Scans

Please call for Bids on services for a one time scan and/or quarterly monitoring.

Thermograms of electrical systems can detect abnormally hot electrical connections or components and heat created by excessive friction and pipe blockage in commercial and industrial applications. Dallas Infrared Commercial Scans cover the Electrical motors and Electrical panels to determine if abnormally high temperatures are detected.

This may indicate pending electrical component failure or mechanical component failure. A quarterly monitoring service can help provide a risk management plan for schedule maintenance.

Our Infrared services can assist in troubleshooting and preventive maintenance for your plant or facility. You can reduce the risk of fire since electrical and mechanical problems can be found before total failure. Detect early failure in switch gear and electrical risers. Find bad bearings and gear boxes before they fail.