COVID -19 and Your Temperature Check solutions

Last week, the US Federal government has released Reopen American Guidelines and FDA Guidelines for Thermographic Devices to help guide businesses in reopening and keeping their employees safe and operations functioning during these challenging times.

Infrared – A Closer Look Inc. is a company of Thermographers who perform infrared inspections for the construction and property management industry. Our extensive knowledge about thermography and Infrared Cameras can be very beneficial to helping guide you through the various program options.

Protecting your business and employees is not as simple as scanning your employee’s forehead with an IR Thermometer. We would like to invite you and your company key personnel to a free 30 minute online Go to Meeting to talk about some of the issues and see if our knowledge, consulting services and Infrared camera connections can help you develop a solution that will get your business back open and running safely under the new Reopening America Guidelines.

Call us today at 940-891-3803 or email us at to set your free online meeting up now or use this form to quickly get your meeting scheduled.

Dallas Thermal Blockwall Scans

Dallas Infrared block wall scans use thermographic science and heat signatures to locate thermal anomalies associated with concrete grout cores and water intrusion. The Infrared images can show what can not be seen with you eyes, when the block walls are filled or partially filled with foam, concrete or grout cores.

Why spend time and money chipping away at the block or concrete walls for only a partial glimpse of the interior of the block wall. Did your contractor or insulator do a good job or are you relying on their word that you are getting your moneys worth?

Infrared Dry Wall Scan

Infrared Cameras

We use a FLIR T620 or Testo 875-1i for our Infrared Blockwall scans. The Infrared cameras are light weight and have great resolution. Much better that the 100 mK specs provided by those cheap infrared cameras.

The higher digital resolution of our Dallas Blockwall Thermal Image allows for wider inspection conditions. We also use wide angle lenses to get more wall in every shot so there is less guessing about what you see and where the conditions are located.

Infrared Scan